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Creating a brand strategy can be a difficult process for many entrepreneurs and small businesses if they can’t outsource a marketing team. It can even be a daunting task for the largest of companies. Whatever the case may be, here at New Era Print Solutions we can help your business communicate your brand effectively through innovative print campaigns. These 5 tips and tricks will help you make better branding decisions and come up with a slogan your customers won’t forget.

  1. Values

Company values are extremely important. What makes Tim Horton’s brand different from Starbucks defines how they do everything- from logistics to sales. Tim Horton’s focuses on families and community. Starbucks focuses on the environment and health conscious choices. Review your business or sales strategy to discover your values and [let them soar].

  1. Personality

What makes a company shine is the way they communicate with their target audience. Is your tone fun? Is it formal? Define the way you interact with your customers to distance yourself from your competitors. You can use business cards, flyers and invoices to reflect your personality.

  1. Target Customer

Clearly define your demographic. This could be based upon age, location, education, hobbies or even culture.

  1. Customer’s Goals

Customers come to your business looking to fulfill specific needs or wants. Draw a blueprint of how your product will meet their needs; design your service to fulfill their goals.

  1. Image

Every company can be recognized by the colours of their brand and the copy they use. Make sure to pick distinct cohesive colours that will separate you from your competition.

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