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Flyers are great for marketing because they can be given out to so many people in so many different places. They can be handed out at events, trade shows, and showcase your branding and content in a clear concise way.

They Get Everyone’s Attention

Flyers are good because they are easy to read and eye-catching. You can reach a wide audience by dispersing flyers. Flyers can be handed out through many venues. Instead of handing out business cards, your flyer can contain more valuable information about your product or services.

Connect With Your Target Audience Better

The great thing about a flyer is that you can feel it in your hands and it’s a tangible way of communicating with your potential customers. Lots of advertisements these days have gone digital, so an interesting paper and texture can connect with your audience in a way that digital can’t. At NEPS, we offer a large variety of papers and textures to choose from for your next flyer.


A great flyer is only as good as it’s designer. Pick a design style that you like, then try and follow the same layout. This will keep your flyer organized and appealing. Make sure to pick colours for your fonts and backgrounds that are in a family colour scheme so that your message doesn’t clash with your imagery. This will keep your flyer from being inconsistent.

To design your next flyer, give NEPS, your printing services company in Mississauga, Oakville & Milton a call at 1-844-994-0442. Our experienced designers can handle all of the design to the printing to give you the best-finished project you’ll ever set your eyes on.