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When it comes to printing event tickets, your options are always extremely limited. There are a lot of services that allow you to sell tickets online and your customers will print the ticket and bring them to your event. This solution is extremely inconvenient, as it requires that your potential customers have a computer, printer and credit card. Even if your customers are able to print the tickets, they’re often printed plainly on large pieces of paper. NEPS offers customizable ticket designs and ticket printing services.

With online ticketing services, you’re not always able to get a set of hard tickets that you’re able to sell before your event without getting access to a computer. Having the ability to sell tickets beforehand can not only help your overall sales but can also help add a professional touch to your event.

If you’re throwing an event, you want your tickets to cohesively match the event theme and style. With your own custom tickets, you’re able to control exactly how the tickets will look, and conform them to your events branding.


Custom ticket designs from NEPS gives you the freedom to only include exactly the information that you need to share. This helps your overall design and reduces the amount of irrelevant information on a ticket. With you own custom tickets, you also won’t have to worry about having third party sponsors appearing on the reverse-side of your tickets – a practice that is all too common when purchasing stock tickets.


Our NEPS team is able to customize your tickets based on your event necessities. Our tickets can be designed to also serve as raffle tickets and tear-offs.


If you’d like to learn more about ticket printing and our new services and products visit us online at To place an order, simply uses our self-checkout system or call 1-844- 994-0442. NEPS is your one-stop print shop in the Mississauga area; no print project is too big or too small!